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Aircraft Alloys

E-17-22A AMS-6304, KAYNAR MS-103
E-4130 MIL-S-6758, AMS-6370, AMS-2301, AMS-6348
E-4130 H.T.R.C. 26/32 MIL-S-6758, AMS-2301
E-4140 MIL-S-5626, AMS-6382, AMS-2301 AMS-6349
E-4330 Mod, N&T MIL-S-8699, AMS-6427, AMS-2301, BMS-7-27
E-4330 Mod. Vac. MIL-S-8699, AMS-6411, AMS-6427
Melt, N&T BMS-7-27, AMS-2300, BMS-7-122, EMS 96242, GM-1010, CE-0906, FMS-1012
E 4340 N&T MIL-S-5000, AMS-6415, AMS-2301, BMS 7-28, DMS-1555, AMS-6409
E 4340 Vac. MIL-S-8844 CL 1, MIL-S-5000
Melt. N&T AMS-6415, AMS-2300, AMS-6414 EMS-641, DMS-1555, BMS 7-28, BPS 299-947-055
E-4840 Mod. Vac. MIL-S-8844-CL 3, MIL-S-83135
Melt N&T "300M" AMS-6417, AMS-6419, AMS-2300, CE-0896, GM-1012, BMS 7-26 CL-1, DMS-1935, LCO5-119
E-4620 MIL-S-7493, AMS-6294, AMS-2301
E-6150 MIL-S-8503, AMS-6448, AMS-2301
E-6150 Vac. Melt. MIL-S-8503, AMS-6448, AMS-2300
8620 ASTMA 331, 332
E-8740 MIL-S-6049, AMS-6322, AMS-2301
E-9310 N&T MIL-S-7393C, AMS-6260, AMS-2301, Aires, HT 5042
E-9310 H Mod MIL-S-7393C, AMS-6265
E-9310 N&T MIL-S-7393C, AMS-6265, AMS-6260
Vac. Melt. AMS-2300, Aires, HT-5042, BPS 299-947-032, EMS 56280, MIL-S-83030 Comp. 3, AMS 6267
E-52100 Ann MIL-S-7420 AMS-6440 AMS-2301
E-52100 Vac. Melt. MIL-S-7420 AMS-6444 AM56440 AMS-2300
D6AC Vac. Melt. MIL-S-8949, AMS-6431, Gen. Dyn. FMS-1011-C, LCM-05-2190,
AMS-2300, STM-O5-500, GM-1013
H-11 Vac. Melt. MS-6487, EMS 642, AMS-2300, AMS 6488
Hy-Tuf MIL-S-7108, AMS-6418, AMS-2301, DMS-1841, GRB
>HY-Tuf Vac. Melt. AMS 6418, MIL-S-7108, DMS 1841 GRA, AMS 2300
Nitriding BHN 241-285 MILS-6709A, AMS-6470 Exc. Hardness, AMS-6472, AMS-230
Nitriding Vac. Melt. MIL-S-6709A, AMS-6471,135 Modified AMS-2300
9-4-30 Vac. Melt AMS 6526, BMS-7-1828, 5TalBOLB 0012, MMS-2102 Exc. Fracture Test

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