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Stocked Stainless Grades

PH-13-8-MO AMS-5629, STM-05-602,
CAP ASTM-A-564 Grade XM13
AMS-2300, DMS 2100, STO-160LB0013
15-5 PH AMS-5659, AMS-2300, CAP ASTM-A-564 Grade XM-12
15-7 AMS 5657
17-4 AMS-5643, AMS-2303, MBO-160-003
Exc. Sonic, LBO-160-133,
CAP ASTM-A-564 Grade 630
17-4 PH "H-1150" AMS-5643, Chems Only, ASTM-A-564
Cond H1150
17-4 PH Prec. Grd Sames Specs as reg.17-4 above
17-7 PH AMS-5644, ASTM-A-564 Type 631
302 ASME-SA-479, MIL-S-7720, QQS-763,
302 Cond. "B" MIL-S-7720, AMS-5637, CHEMS ONLY, QQS-763
302 Prec. Grd. MIL-S-7720, QQS-763
304 QQS-763, AMS-5639, ASTM-A-276
ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479
ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-320
304 Cond. "B" QQS-763, ASTM-A-276
ASTM-A-193 GRD. B8 CL 2
304 Prec. Grd. QOS-763, AMS-5639, ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-320
304 L QQS-763, AMS-5647, ASTM-A-276,
DMS-2050, ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479
304 L. Vacmelt QQS-763, AMS-5647, ASTM-A-276,
ASTM-A-479, MBO-160-037 Exc. Sonic &
Tranv., DMS-2050
303 Sul MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263, AMS-5640
Type 1, QQS-763, QQS-764, ASTM-A-582, ASTM-A-320
303 Sul Cond. "B" MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263, QQS-764, ASTM-A-320
303 Sul Prec. Grd. MIL-S-7729, MIL-W-55263, AMS-5640
Type 1, QQS-763C, ASTM-A-582, ASTM-A-320
303 Sel MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-55263, AMS-5640
Type 2, AMS-5641, QQS-763C, QQS-764,
ASTM-A-582, ASTM-A-320
303 Sel Cond. "B" MIL-S-7729, MII-OW-52263, AMS-5640
GR B 8F CL2, AMS-5738, QQS-763C, QQS-764
303 Sel Prec. Grd. MIL-S-7720, MIL-W-52263, AMS-5640
Type 2, AMS-5641, QQS-763C, ASTM-A-320
309 QQS-763, AMS-5650, ASTM-A-276
310 QQS-763, AMS-5651, ASTM-A-276,
ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479
316 MIL-S-7720, AMS-5648, QQS-763,
ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-320
316 Cond. "B" (.03 Max. C) MIL-S-7720A, QQS-763D, ASTI
ASTM-A-193, GRD. B8M CL-2
316L QQS-763, AMS-5653, ASTM-A-276,
ASTM-A-479, ASME-SA-479
316/316-LPrec. Grd. Same specs as regular 316/316-L
316/315-L Vac. Melt Same specs as regular 316/316-L
317 QQS-763, ASTM-A-276
317L QQS-763
317LM ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
321 QQS-763, AMS-5645, ASTM-A-276,
ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-479,
ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-320
330 AMS-5716
347 QQS-763, AMS-5646, ASTM-A-276,
ASTM-A-193, ASTM-A-479,
ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-320
AM-355 AMS-5743, ASTM-A-564 Type 634
403 ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
410 QQS-763, AMS-5613, AMS-2303,
AMS-5612, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479,
AS M E-SA-479
416 QQS-763C, QQS-764, AMS-5610
MIL-W-52263, ASTM-A-582
416 Prec. Grd. QQS-763C, AMS-5610, MIL-W-52263
416 HT R.C.26/32 QOS-763C Cond. H. QQS-764 Cond. T,
ASTM-A-582 Cond. T, EMS-537A
418 (Greek Ascoloy) AMS-5616
420 QQS-763, AMS-5621, ASTM-A-276
420F AMS-5620 Type 2, ASTM-A-582
422 ASTM-A-565 (Grade 616), DOD-F-24669/7
430 QQS-763, AMS-5627, ASTM-A-276, ASTM-A-479
430F QQS-763C, QQS-764C, MIL-W-276, ASTM-A-582
431 MIL-S-18732, QQS-763, DMS-1565, ASTM-A-582
440A OQS-763, AMS-5631, ASTM-A-276
440C QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276
440C Prec. Grd. QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276
440C "Cutlery Supply" QQS-763, AMS-5630, ASTM-A-276
440C Vac Melt. QQS-763, AMS-5630, AMS-5618 (Except Phos. Content),
ASTM-A-276, RHO-160-64, BEMS-25003D, AMS-5880
440F Se QQS-7648, ASTM-A-582, AMS-5632, Type 2
446 QQS-763
3Custom 455 AM S-5617
1Nitronic 40 AMS-5656, ASTM-A-276
1Nitronic 50 AMS-5764A, ASME-SA-479, ASTM-A-479, ASTM-A-193, GR-BSR, ASTM-A-276
1Nitronic 60 ASTM-A-479, ASTM-A-276, (521800)
AMS-5848, ASTM-A-193 GR-B85
Alloy 20 ASTM-B-473

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